Love your flaws.

Love your flaws.

One of those ‘Getting to know me more’ posts..
Many ask me how to be non judgemental. I’ve been wanting to write about this but haven’t got a good explanation yet. I’m waiting to write my thoughts on this as this is about a quality.

Some ask me how i can be this non judgemental when i get all kinds of strange stories & experiences sent to me. How I’m able to see them with a neutral eye no matter who they are, or what they’ve done. This i can try to explain, because this is about me.

First of all, i strongly believe all of us are flawed.
Not becoz i know about every single person on the planet. But because i know my own flaws very well. I consider everyone an equal. Even my own child, i see her not below me because she’s younger than me.. She’s her own person, has a mind of her own & will become an individual completely removed from me one day. I know that.

I don’t see another professional above me because they studied something else.. My colleagues & friends know this. I don’t like someone using their qualification or titles to get something from me. I don’t like or respect someone just because they are older than me. Age is not a factor for which i give respect. I believe Respect should be earned.

On those same lines i can’t judge someone when they tell me they did something in their childhood. They made someone feel bad… They behaved or said something they regret or are ashamed of. They thought of something they never imagined they will. Or they took a decision many won’t dare to take. Or something happened to them that they can’t share with anyone for the fear of being shamed.

First, i appreciate you for sharing your thoughts with me. It takes guts to do that. And also i am humbled you feel safe with me. 🙏 I’m glad to have earned that trust of yours.

Now why I’m not able to judge anyone for their life or choices?
well, i told you i don’t see anyone below or above me, & if see everyone as an equal, when I know for sure that I’m flawed, then you all are equally flawed.
It’s simple for me-
Swati =flawed
Swati =everyone
Everyone = flawed.

A=b, B=c so A =C.

So when I’m flawed and I’m accepting myself & everyone of you is flawed then what rights do we have each other of our experience.

Ofcourse counselors & therapists are on- judgemental. They need to, as a professional. You too can practice that in your personal lives. Your own friends or family will have their own struggles & flaws they are waiting to pour out. I’m not a therapist & obviously I can’t be there non judgemental, they’ll feel free to talk to you. From there you can guide them ot at least lead them to a professional.

To err is human.

To judge is inhuman.

We can all learn from each other’s experience & constantly try to get better everyday, Emotions are flawed, relationships are flawed, life is flawed..Flaws are fantastic.

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