Curly hair, big spectacles and a twinkle in my eye. These are the first things you’ll notice in me. My name is swati, and now people confuse me with maya because I go by the name maya’s amma. Maya is my daughter & she is my greatest inspiration.

I have a masters in applied psychology & am a certified behaviour analyst. No I am not a clinical psychologist so I am not going to treat your depression. I have chosen a different path and the biggest reason is of course, (no prizes for guessing) – Maya.  

There was a time in life I felt I should never have children but today I scream from rooftops about parenting. Proves how change is the only constant right? Maya made me understand the impact of a parent in shaping one’s life for better or for worse.

I’m a lactation educator and counsellor practicing for the past 6 years and having met thousands of mother-baby dyads & helping them with their breastfeeding journeys, I learnt that the best way to avoid lactation issues is if families get good antenatal education and have the opportunity go through an evidence based gentle & respectful birth experience. Over the past 3 years, I have been  practicing as a sex educator taking classes for parents on children’s sexual development and how comprehensive sexuality education can begin in Indian households.


These are my main areas of focus however, right from my school days, I have always been jack of all trades. That explains why you see a smorgasbord of topics on my page. So go through my workshops/ services page to know what all i can help you with.


I am from Kerala, but settled in Coimbatore for the last 17 years. I speak English, tamil and Malayalam & take workshops in regional languages too sometimes. I do travel to facilitate workshops but have made everything accessible online now. I have a very active Instagram presense where you can see snippets of my life. If I am not creating content for my social media handles, you’ll find me listening to music or chilling with Netflix. I live with my architect husband and my 8 year old daughter maya who continues to help me learn and look within.