Adult cartoon & a child..

Adult cartoon & a child..

Child given sexual content by a stranger!

This happened to a friend of mine last month.

She called me in shock one day telling me her daughter was given a book with adult content by a neighbor. (check pictures in carousel) Thankfully, her daughter didn’t see all the pics.

I’ll tell you what happened.

My friend’s 8 Yr old daughter used to play with another girl in the same apartment. The other girl stayed with her mom, uncle & grandma. At times this girl went to the other girl’s house to play too.

One day my friend’s daughter came home with a book. She told both the girls were given books by the young man in the house as the family was leaving the apartment & was decluttering stuff… He was the uncle of the other girl, so my friend didn’t mind. However, she got the book to my friend to be read. After a few pages, the little girl left, but my friend who went through the entire book was in for a big shock. It had sexually explicit images!

What ensued was a big issue, with my friend and her husband terribly upset over what happened. They called me for some clarity however I wanted them to question the uncle. However, things got complicated as that family had left the apartment so conversations had to be over the phone. The man promised he didn’t know the content of the book & told my friend’s husband, how he got the book as part of a kit he got after attending Comicon in Bangalore two years back.

He said he gave books to both the kids, in front of his mother who was at home at the time, and he wouldn’t have done that if he had known the content of the book. He apologized a lot & told my friend to enquire about him in the apartment & promised he is of a decent character and would never do such a thing. I heard the recorded phone conversation too, and I have to say, he sounded honest.

Anyway, my friend’s family decided to let it go, not just because they trusted the guy, but because of 2 more reasons. Their girl hadn’t gone through the magazine fully so she didn’t see all of the images. Two, because my friend was a parent that was open to her child, so she was confident of having an uncomfortable conversation with the child, & was also confident of the child’s ability to express any distress or discomfort had she seen any of the sexually explicit images in the magazine. Kudos to the family. I wish every family is prepared for such things. If you are prepared, you become confident to handle anything.!

See, even if parents are open with kids, we cannot completely avoid all kinds of things from happening. This was not a particularly dangerous incident, and thankfully the adult didn’t seem to have done it purposely nor did the child go through something bad.
But it is always good to have open communication channels in our homes so that both parents & children can be prepared for whatever goes wrong.

In this case, the family also went the extra mile to mail Comicon about this incident & they did agree to a sexually explicit magazine being given in a kit accidentally. It seems this was a huge issue 2 years back&, some parents had expressed their concerns & Comicon had also issued a public apology.
That’s why a few weeks back even I checked here on my insta stories, with some people who attended this particular comicon& they had got this magazine too.

I asked my friend if this incident can be shared & she asked me to do whatever it takes to prevent such things from happening in any family. I am proud of the way she & her husband handled it& they remain an openly communicating family. The icing on the cake was that she was one of the first families to attend the sex-ed workshop too ❤️ I want all of you to be confident parents & keep a close watch on whatever your child consumes on Tv, movies, & even cartoons. This book looked like a simple cartoon magazine but look at the pictures. Keep a close eye on friends & family, what they give your kids & make sure there are regular conversations on every possible topic so that if there’s anything of this nature that happens, the child gets back to you with trust & confidence. ❤️

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