Biology & Sex Ed?! Great Indian misunderstanding

Biology & Sex Ed?! Great Indian misunderstanding

The people in our country who are at least aware of the fact that we desperately need sex-ed are quick to conclude that it is all because our biology teachers missed the Reproduction chapter in school.

Oh yes, there were Some who did teach the chapter, but vast majority didn’t. Here the question is not why they didn’t teach. The question is – why is sex-ed considered to be only Reproduction.?

We need to first remove this ideology that sex education or even sex itself is about procreation. This is the main reason why the other important aspects of sex or sex education doesn’t get any focus, especially in India.

This intrinsic belief that sex is for Reproduction has led to the following beliefs and ideologies in this country:

👉🏼It Has Made sex a hush hush topic because apparently you make babies in privacy in a bedroom so we must not talk about it in public. Also if sex is only for Reproduction then that reduces ‘sex’ to just the act of penetration.
This actually brings too much importance to the male organ & suddenly all other forms of sex becomes secondary.

👉🏼It Has taken away the most important elements of sex & sexuality which is body autonomy & consent. Since people believe sex ed is all about ‘having sex’ they are quick to judge that we don’t need to give sex ed to children. (this is what i go through everyday)

👉🏼It Has successfully stigmatized the lgbtq community because when sex is only about Reproduction & sex-ed is only about having sex, apparently there’s no need to talk about lgbtq community because they are just a bunch of crazy people who only want sex & since they can’t have babies in the conventional sense they don’t deserve to be on this planet. Duh. 😔

👉🏼It Has conveniently ignored that above all, we all have our own sexuality to explore. We are sexual even without a partner. We all have sexual needs & we have to be able to satisfy them ourselves. This is why talking about masturbation is very very important.

✅This, according to me is the most important part of sex ed. Understanding your own body, your own sexuality & thereby gaining autonomy which will lead to establishing your own individual rules & norms in your sex life & relationships. Overall, sex is for Reproduction or sex-ed is all about Biology texts is something India needs to ‘unlearn’.
Can’t blame the biology teachers for lack of sex ed in the country. Sorry teachers. This is not just your load to bear. 😔

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