Body shaming after kids..

Body shaming after kids..

❓You know there are Husbands that body Shame their partners after childbirth?!
I know, for some it is unbelievable. How can one’s life partner, the person who must ideally treat you as an equal, do that?!

‼️But this is a sad reality in many families. Women are going through postpartum body shaming & this mostly happens in the bedroom when either of them tries to get intimate.
Lose weight & I’ll have sex with you.
Or your Breasts sag that makes you unattractive etc. Bigger Breasts might have made you look Sexier..

✴️Pregnancy & childbirth is a transformational experience for a woman & this includes physical, emotional & psychological changes.

Men that do this, i have some serious points you need to consider.

👉Your moms too went through such changes. Go check her wedding pics. You’ll know.

👉If celebrity body transformation videos confuse you, kindly understand that it is part of their job to work on their appearance & your partner might not prioritize getting back to pre-pregnancy weight in 40 days. Also if a celebrity has done it, that’s extremely tough too.

👉Don’t you have friends that lost weight & have cellulite & stretch marks on them. Friends that went bald in the past 20 years of knowing you.? Do you Shame them? If not, then you do understand that people go through body changes right? Do you tell your buddies only if they grow hair on the bald spot you can continue the friendship or accept them wholeheartedly for what you like about each other?
Yes, it is easy to accept when it is a guy but somehow it becomes tough if it’s a woman because she needs to be perfect all the time? That’s toxic, bro.!

👉Those who don’t know – well listen. There will be reversible & irreversible changes after childbirth. Stretch marks on the stomach, saggy Breasts, hair fall, pigmentation, pelvic floor issues, diastasis recti, fatigue, irritability, postpartum stress & depression, you need to be prepared for all of this.

🙏Attend antenatal classes or read books and understand how postpartum will be.

👉She will be very overwhelmed handling a small human that’s totally dependent on her & in between all that, when she’s trying to build Intimacy with you, the words you use, the remarks you make – be very mindful about all this.
❤️And learn how you can support your partner.
Some lose weight immediately & some don’t. But their priority is their baby & once they feel better about the experience, heal & recuperate, they can focus on other aspects of their life. Then your support will be of immense help to them.
❓If you tell her she needs to have a better body for you to love her, and she tells you that you need to have a bigger organ for her to love you back, what will you do?
I meant a bigger brain.
Better thinking capacity.😋
What did you think? ❤️
Respect works both ways.
Body shaming is wrong!🚫

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