Boys and bodies…

Boys and bodies…

Different information for boys?

Sex ed is the same for all. How much ever I repeat this, after almost every conversation I have with Maya, someone surely asks-

You say all this openly because you have a daughter. What would you have done if you had a son.?


Let’s take this common scenario in many homes. There’s a question about boys not supposed to be seeing their mother’s breasts & there’s plenty of pressure to wean boys off breastfeeding sooner. This is bullshit.
A biologically male baby will definitely see his mom’s breasts until he weans and should know his mom has milk in her breasts as the job of a mammal is to feed their young one. This will give him a very non-sexual view of breasts and getting a biological viewpoint than a sexualized one will help him not see every Breast sexually. He grows up knowing what Breasts are actually made for, and trust me, he won’t stare!

Today how many women send me DMs their friends, or even men in their family unknowingly stare at their breasts.!? How uncomfortable this is. How many cis men send me msgs saying they are unable to stop staring. To a large extent, normalizing breastfeeding will definitely normalize breasts. Let the boys feed as long as they want to. Breasts won’t ruin or damage their development in any way, but only help their brains understand they need to see breasts for what it is & thereby learn to see them sexually ONLY in a sexual situation.

Isn’t this what we want.?

Don’t we need our young boys to understand periods?
Understand they were in their mother’s uterus?
That they came out through her abdomen or vagina?
Won’t their understanding of female bodies & bodily processes make them more respectful & responsible?
Won’t it help them see a woman as a human and not as an object of pleasure or control?
Won’t we be able to reduce all this gender-based violence and sexual objectification if we have open honest conversations with our boys?

Answer them yourself.

So even if I had a boy I would have said the same things. I would want him to grow up knowing Everything a girl would know. In fact, a big problem today is men not knowing as much information as women. We have been busy educating and empowering women for a couple of decades. Boys are lagging a lot. We need to help them catch up. Parents, teachers & the community can do that successfully.
Cis-men/boys are not dangerous people just because they have a Penis. I know society & its issues have made us see all men in a bad light. Don’t see them as dangerous creatures. They are not bad by birth. They are not predators by default. Some of them became bad because they were not educated & empowered to feel equal to other genders. By withholding information, we have done enough damage. They are as vulnerable & human and deserve information as everyone else. And when is the right time to make them realize that? Before society does its dirty work.!
Start from home. Start early.
Society might discriminate.
Sex – education should not.!

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