Cyber bullies

Cyber bullies


In Oct’22 I got sexual messages from one guy. As usual, I wanted to expose him in my stories, & block & delete him. But he kept on messaging, and I thought, I should not just let it go. I didn’t want him to get away, So I kept quiet without responding, or blocking.

I couldn’t register a complaint online on coz of
Image upload issues. I was Fed up & left it.

Then I saw his msgs again in Jan 2023 This time I was keen to take it fwd but again had issues with the website. I called the local police station & the inspector told me to get it done at the cyber cell here. They helped me register it on the website itself.

I didn’t think it would become a long process. But I just wanted to see how far it will go.

Now(March 2023 ) I get a call from the police station that he has been contacted, warned & asked to send me an apology. Obviously he told it was not him & acted innocent.

Then I told the policeman I want him to post a comment publicly.
That he did under one of my posts.

Then now he has blocked me & deleted his account.

I have 2 imp msgs.

To victims of sexual harassment & to fake acc & perverts following me.

Girls when you get such things, I repeat the best thing to do is to block & delete immediately. Because how many will you run behind. But, if at all it’s really bad, if there’s photo, video etc involved then yes you have to take it to the next level & if you persist, you will get help. So,Don’t be scared. They need to be scared. Not you.

And I know so many creeps,& seasoned sexual harassers are following me so this is for you. –

We can get you caught.
It’s tough. Long process. But if we want, we can do it. I asked for an apology on my social media handle. So I got that.
This can get you to be called to the police station. Yes. It can happen. Because if you can’t follow social media etiquettes, if you can’t understand consent & sexual boundaries, then the only thing that will work is using the fear of law.

This is just to let you know that – Reporting & getting you caught is very much possible. So,careful. Don’t play around too much.

Swati Jagdish
Sexuality health educator

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