Menstrual Cups


A wonderful invention that’s helping a lot of women make their period days stressfree & fun, but a large part of the female population is still filled with fear, inhibition & anxiety for the mere thought of inserting anything into their body. I know how tough that can be so I have this session for menstruators of all ages and sexual statuses, especially for sexually inactive people who want to learn about 

  • Female anatomy
  • Usage & maintenance
  • Handling fear & anxiety
  • Finding the right size
  • Other sustainable options
  • Who cant use menstrual cups

This session is mainly recommended to menstruators who have seen umpteen number of youtube videos about menstrual cups and are still confused and scared about using them . I can make sure you are never scared about this simple, harmless medical device and I want to make sure you all eventually start enjoying your periods too.



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