Peace off !!

Peace off !!

Have you ever wondered why talking about private parts have been so difficult for us.?

Well one of the main reasons is that it has always been associated with cuss words. Think of most of the Indian languages. Except the sanskrit words yoni & lingam, i don’t think there are other nice words we even know of that we can use casually.
(if there are language experts do let me know I’m curious)

Every slang word in most regional languages are swear words. Not just genitalia, even pubic hair is used to swear. Bullshit. Piss off! Even body secretions like poop & pee are used to swear.

What about anything to do with the act of having sex? That’s almost always used to shame someone. That too we can see that it is all to do with having sex with women. Especially Having sex with mothers & sisters.

Why is having sex with male family members not included in the swear word series? I guess sex is just assumed as something men DO to women, that even in swear words we can see patriarchy.😂

So then why do we use slang words that represent genitals & sex as cuss words? It’s simple. Genitals & sex are considered shameful & dirty& to make someone feel shameful & insult them, these words are used.

I guess if we normalize genitals & sex people won’t have anything to swear at others right? 😅

Just imagine, can we swear at someone calling them- ‘hey shoulder.!’ ‘You think you are a big toe do you?!’ 😂😂

Ask yourself – Why what’s so dirty about your genitals & what’s so wrong about the process of having sex that it is used to get angry or to shame or insult someone?? Aren’t we all a creation of sex? What’s so shameful about that process?

I believe i am a product of a beautiful process. And there’s nothing shameful about it. Because only if we remove the shame, we will get to talk about sex, sexual health & sexual issues.

And if all these words are normalized how will you swear at someone?
Will it be possible to swear at all?
I think then you’ll have to all suck up (pun intended) your poor anger management skills & deal with your shit (again intended) yourself! 😂😅

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