Sending Nudes…

Sending Nudes…

Yesterday after the discussion on sending nudes there was a good mix of responses.

1️⃣People Sent nudes /partial nudes to a partner who was in a different location coz this was how many people handled intimacy in long-distance relationships.

2️⃣Been sending nudes and had a good experience as they started appreciating their bodies better and many people were able to come out of their body insecurities when their partners validated their bodies.

3️⃣Some were glad they sent their nudes to their married partners only and told they would not have otherwise sent to anyone.

4️⃣Some had not sent nudes either because they were not comfortable or they didn’t trust technology. This is totally fine, because ultimately sending nudes is based on someone’s personal interest & is not a mandatory requirement in a relationship.

5️⃣There were many who sent they had very bad experiences as their images were used to Blackmail and threaten them by toxic partners and exes.

✅My opinion on the whole thing –

🔻Sending pictures of your body or body parts is part of some people’s relationship dynamics, because they consider it as a healthy way to continue being intimate with each other and as long as it is done with mutual respect and trust, the couple gets to decide what is okay for their relationship. From a psychological perspective, it can tremendously validate people who have body insecurities & can even improve the confidence in their body or body’s ability to make their partner happy or turned on.

🔻For many, this can be a very important part of being intimate with their partners as they are choosing to show them at their most vulnerable moment, because of which sharing nudes is a great way to become closer to their partner.

🔻However anything on the interweb comes with its risks and dangers. One, pictures, videos, calls, messages nothing can be actually ‘deleted’ from anywhere. It is all there, to be accessed. Keep that in mind. Second, whom are you sending them to?

🔻Second, who are you sending them to? Do you trust the person on the other end? Are you being coerced or forced to send something? What will happen if the relationship does not work out? Are you sure your digital footprint is safe out there.?
🔻It is also important to have online safety-related conversations with teens as they can be sexually groomed to send pictures. If this has happened with adults, then imagine, kids and teens are even more at risk.
🔻Even Adults, Think twice, thrice, or a million times before you choose to share intimate pictures & videos with your friends or partners. And someday if something goes wrong, remember that there is law & order to protect you. People do random things when they are in relationships. Do not beat yourself up for sending your pictures. You either considered sending your pictures to be an important part of building your relationship or you trusted the person with them. People in the digital era do it all the time.
🔻If you’re being threatened with the pictures, immediately file a complaint on or get in touch with a local cybercrime team. You’ll get help.
🔥Just remember that there is nothing shameful about your body. It is YOUR PRECIOUS body. You don’t have anything that we all don’t have. So what’s there in a picture? Boobs? Genitals? That’s all. Don’t freak out.!
💚And hope you know that you have all rights to be sexual with your body. As long as you are an adult you can take pictures of your body & you can choose to share it with someone you trust. You didn’t want to get in trouble when you sent them right? So, That does not make you a bad person. You are the victim here. You will get help. It’s the other person that should get in trouble for misusing your pictures or for threatening you for favors. You don’t have to be scared of anyone or anything.!
💜We need to take the shame off a naked body, so people feel free to report such things. Your body is yours. Also, You should not shut up if there is any form of violation to it. We’re all with you. ❤️

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