Your session is superb – informative and extremely practical. The best part of your session is that it is you give realistic examples sans personal biases. Your passion is reflected in the way you conduct your sessions. I am definitely recommending the pregnancy package to all my friends. It is definitely a huge value addition in the pregnancy and motherhood journey. Many women will gain a lot of self confidence after attending this session. A lot of love to you and Maya.



A three-day, power packed workshop on pregnancy and informed birth gave me a deeper insight into the whole journey of birth as a participant. Your workshop consisting of pregnancy, health choices, ideal birth and breastfeeding was something I would never learn from family or peers around. This is a rare knowledge that you are imparting. My husband is a fitness instructor and has been trying to tell me about the importance of nutrition. He was ecstatic when where you explained about nutrition too. I am now itching to share this with all my friends – especially those who are planning to get pregnant.



I attended pregnancy package session for my second pregnancy. I was so surprised that I didn’t know any of the information swati taught despite attending childbirth classes. I understood what exactly went wrong in my birth plan so swati’s session empowered me to redo my birth plan and choose the right care provider who will matych my thoughts and can give me a dream birth experience. As a mother who suffered so much for her first delivery, I recommend swati’s session to everyone. This will be the best thing you do for your unborn baby.



The session on Informed Birthing was highly informative and an eye opener in myriad ways. My first child’s birth was an emergency C-sec five years ago and I am yet to gain closure over it since it wasn’t my choice then. After attending your session, I have got motivated to choose a natural birth this time. More power to you for conducting such a workshop on informed choices of ideal births.



I am glad that I chose your pregnancy package – the right blend of antenatal and post-natal knowledge. The workshop was presented in an entertaining story telling format and so it remains etched. I will recommend this to all pregnant moms.


Happy to write a review after a wonderful.. most importantly a stress relieved session!!! I was really worried and anxious before talking to you… Just figured out how mad,surfing on internet for ur problems can lead u too!!!wid lots of suggestions and hypothetical explanations it really made me insane and feel really dejected. Thank God I opted for ur session..a life saver at that point of tym!!you were straight to the point after listening out to ma problems..dat itself eased me out a lot to start by. Further session of urs explained on all the basics of breast feeding and bursted out all the intricacies revolving around it. Had a chance to clear up most of the myths after speaking with u.It was indeed a feel gud session that I wud say..thanks a ton for your cool session..cheers!!!



I am extremely happy for having met u. I know things i would have hardly dreamt of before. Having twins i never thought it was even possible to feed them both without substitutes and i was carried away by all the possible myths. Today after almost a year of breastfeeding twins, i say to all ppl who are amused by my kids’ growth that all i needed was a proper guide a good lactation consultant. Thank you for the most effective advices and the right ones. Thank you for motivating me. I think every mother to be (rather every mother to be and father to be to be ) should be aware of all facts relating to breastfeeding to avoid apprehensions that arise post partum and enjoy parenting.



Having Swati around with so much knowledge on breastfeeding has been such a blessing for me and my bub. I did her pre-baby counselling session via Skype and must say it was such an eye opener. Her classes covered all the aspects of breatfeeeding in depth and also cleared all the myths surrounding it. It was very amusing to see all BF red flags where it was very easy to just start formula, if not for her classes. With her guidance we have been having a smooth journey so far 🙂 I can vouch for her knowledge and urge all pregnant women to attend her classes. Being aware is half work done!



I still remember the day , when I met Swati first . The time she walked in my room , I was lying down all depressed with sore cracked nipples , engorged breast , eyes filled with tears because my tiny little baby was starving . Admist all this there was pressure from family to start formula milk as baby was crying and they associated it with no milk in the breast . Right then she came as a blessing in disguise . She not only showed how much milk my best had for my baby , but also got me relieved of my engorgment and explained to everyone the importance , demand and supply theory of breast milk and breast feeding. She very beautifully explained how it connects and established the bond between the baby and mother . She is a person who works from heart so very easily connects to everyone . She is a true Angel.



I came to know swathi thru one of my friend. Really she is a fairy with a magic wand ,who relieves my stress. She is the one who taught me the deep latching technique patiently and explained how it helps the baby to gain weight. She answers my queries so patiently whenever I called her. She is such a wonderful person doing her job so professionally and wholeheartedly.



Swati is real life saver for me because I know the guilt we would have when we can’t Breast feed our baby. I gave BF for my first baby only for three months and for the second one when I had same issues as first I was totally depressed and called Swati from hospital before my discharge from hospital and she came to home after my discharge and heard my problems and gave solutions for everything. She identified issues, guided on positions, proper latching and gave confidence to breastfeed. I was glad I called her. Thank you swati.


It was a pleasure watching my baby eat mango on her own. After attending your session, I started allowing her to eat food on her own. Frankly, I was filled with a lot of anxiety and fear when we began BLW. I kept thinking she might choke on food and will not eat it. Slowly she overcame that and at 13 months, I can proudly say that she is eating on her own and we are having messy yet peaceful meals. If not for your session, I would still be mashing and feeding her semi solid food according to traditional methods of weaning. Thank you for the lovely gift in the form of your session!



I hope more paediatricians attend your sessions and advocate baby-led weaning since it will benefit more moms. During the session, I loved your emphasis on the importance of communication between a parent and child. More parents must attend your sessions since I have seen most simply gifting PS4 PlayStation to their children vis a vis proper communication. Being a medical professional myself, I always found classes on nutrition extremely boring. But you made it interesting and informative with your funny anecdotes.



My first born is a fussy eater but this session gave me so much positivity to begin BLW successfully for my second child who is a five-month-old baby now. I want him to enjoy his food minus any stress when he begins his solids – something I couldn’t do for my first child. You taught me how to plan a basic healthy meal in a quintessentially traditional household. I hope to make my family also turn to healthier eating habits soon. Thanks again for all the inspiration through your session!



Your session helped me gain confidence in allowing my child to eat food on her own. Never mind the mess she created or that she played more with her food, but I loved the fact that she ate more food than she usually does when she makes me chase her around the house with a bowl. What a satisfying experience! Thanks again, Swati!



Hi Swati, we met for the first time through this session. As you had said back then, my kid will eat on his own, he is doing so. I just watched him finish his dinner on his own while I ate mine peacefully. It was a moment of great pride for me since it was in front of all my close family members. Thanks a ton for introducing this healthy habit which will remain life-long. Stay strong and healthy always!



Hey Swati, attending your session ended my huge battle of feeding solids to my child. It helped me understand how many calories and food a baby actually needs. In a way, made me realize the importance of a child’s consent. After attending this session, I started talking to my child more, asking him what he likes and dislikes. There is absolutely no force feeding too. This has improved my bond with my child as well. I believe many more mothers are facing this struggle and must attend this session!



Hey Swati, I want to thank you for the amazing session because for the first time, me and my mother-in-law were on the same page. She attended the whole session and has fairly accepted the concept of baby-led weaning. The photos and videos of Maya went a long way in convincing her and also gave me a lot more confidence in starting my child’s journey into solid food. There is a long way to go for my kiddo to start solids but I am completely prepared now.



I would like to thank you for taking this session for me at such short notice. It was much needed since I was clueless about introduction to solid food to my baby. My paediatrician had advised me to give four meals a day and increase a meal with every passing week right in the first month of introducing solids. I had joined a weaning group on Facebook that advised me differently. So, I was extremely confused. Your light and entertaining, yet enlightening session clarified all my doubts. Now, I am all geared for a messy, patience enhancing, skill development journey. Mommy gets to learn a lot with baby too!



This session was super informative! It provided solutions to dealing with complexities of relationships and a lot of self-analysis too. Until this session, I often wondered why people behaved the way they did. This interactive session intermingled real life experiences & behaviour psychology and made me realize how relationship issues can be solved if we know the root cause of problems and where their solutions lie.



I awaited attending your session for two years and thoroughly enjoyed it! I haven’t laughed like this in years. I understood my mother in law so well, that now I know how to manage communication with her and also avoid petty conflicts at home. Thanks a ton for this session!



The session was extremely informative and it is one of the best sessions on explaining the psychology of human behaviour. Though you can apply it in career or business too, Personally I felt I learnt about what kind of parent I need to be and how to understand my kids better. Thanks again, Swati!


I am yet to get married but I loved your session because it simplified so many concepts on sex education for me that I wouldn’t get to know about anywhere else. After this session, I became more confident about talking to my younger brother (13 years) and sister (15 years). In fact, I spoke to my sister first. I told her that she could approach me anytime with doubts about sex, the human body, and the other gender. It took a week but despite her initial hesitation, she ended up opening up to me so much about her sex, crush, her relationship and nearly 15 years of her life that she never shared with me. It left me feeling so happy when she said she could look up to me for anything in life. Thanks for the amazing session!



I am the mom of a son and after attending this session, I realised how I had been forcing my son to eat his food all the time (did it right before the session too!). During the session, at every moment, I remembered all the mistakes that I had made and it stemmed from my inability to say NO. Now I was doing this to my son as well. It made me realize consent is so important right from childhood. It made me think if I as an adult, did not acknowledge my son’s “NO” now, he would never be able to form his own opinions later in life as well. I had got married early and suffered severe sexual and mental abuse in my first marriage so much that the scars still remain. I got married the second time to my best friend this time, and I have a happy family too. Yet I am unable to accept love in the form of sex because of my previous traumas. This session helped me begin my healing journey. Thanks again!



I am Maya’s paediatrician and simply enjoyed the humour element added to the amazing sex education awareness session. You demystified so many myths. The session has given me confidence to have a conversation with my little son as well. Your subtle humour kept all participants engaged and fully entertained. I highly recommend inviting you to conduct workshops in all our medical conferences.



I am the father of a daughter and simply loved the session. It has empowered me to deal with sensitive questions that may dwell in her mind as she is growing up. You helped reinforce and reaffirm a lot of things I already may have known about good touch and bad touch, and having a one-on-one conversation with our kid about sex education. I am happy I can now raise a happy and confident child.



I am a mother of a boy. This session managed to bust many myths for both me and my hubby about sex education. Although it was tough to convince my husband to attend the session, I must say he was completely convinced and impressed as well. My husband loved how you explained the importance of empowering men when they are little boys. Thanks again!



This is my heartfelt thanks to you for this amazing session. I had been perpetually anxious about how to protect my child from abuse. I have had sleepless nights thinking about the same. This session taught me how to teach concepts about body and sexuality. It provided empowering solutions for ensuring my child’s safety.



I loved the session because it broke my myths that sex education is about tackling child abuse alone. This session has given me the much-needed confidence to deal with questions raised by my growing children regarding sex. I also got the answer to why women aren’t able to attain complete pleasure during intercourse. You are doing a wonderful job as a sex educator.



I am a Homeopathy doctor and attended the session when my daughter was just one year. I loved how the session not only enhanced my existing knowledge of good touch and bad touch but also explained how and when to initiate the conversation on sex education with my child when she grows up. It busted a lot of myths for me! Thanks again!


After attending your Intimacy session, our relationship has undergone extremely positive changes. We are implementing all that you spoke during the session. You made us realize that it doesn’t matter whether a marriage is arranged or love. At the end of the day, we learned marriage is all about how a couple understand and accepts each other wholeheartedly. Thanks to an improved understanding between us, it has reduced stress in our relationship with our son as well. Now we are practicing Gentle Parenting with him. I would highly recommend this session to all couples straight after they get engaged to get a good insight into the realities of marriage.



I am going through troubled waters in my marriage and want to fix a lot of issues going on. After attending your Intimacy classes (for two days), I realized where the problem lies and how I can fix it. One of the issues that I felt was the reason for my broken marriage was my lack of interest in sex but it appears the main reasons were my expectations from our relationship which were not getting fulfilled. After this session, I am planning to talk to my husband and convince him to attend personal counselling sessions to sort out our issues. I am planning to attend your Between the Sheets session after this. Loved your sessions!



My best takeaway from the session was gaining self-confidence and the realization that women are extremely strong. After two days of this session, I had an open conversation with my husband where I spoke about my nature, what I need and how he misinterprets me. After that, he also pointed out many things about me that I needed to change. At the end of the conversation, I felt much better and confident about myself. I have begun to take things positively now. It made me think of what gives me pleasure emotionally. I have benefited a lot from this session and booked another session with you too. It has been an enriching experience for both me and my husband. What I loved the most was the last segment of your session – Q & A. This session was indeed fun-filled, value-added and certainly life changing for me!



As a mans who is married to the love of his life, I felt there was no need to attend a relationships session because I thought people who participate in these workshops are people who have issues in their marriage. We don’t have many issues as we stay in a nuclear set up and are quite happy with life. However it was indeed an eye opener that we can still do a lot to make our life better and beautiful. Thank you so much for giving insights into your marriage too. The practical tips will definitely help me and my wife to have a long and successful marital life.



A beautiful session on intimacy and relationships with you, Swati. The session gave me a lot of insight into myself. I am undergoing depression that started with my IVF treatments till my baby was born and now post-partum depression. This session helped me how to deal with the others and manage negative emotions better. My husband also showed equal interest in joining the online session with you. I’m sure this is going to make us better connected hereafter.


I simply enjoyed your session on menstrual cups. The session was a big eye-opener and cleared a lot of my doubts. You were absolutely right when you said I must attend the session rather than clear doubts over random DMs. The session was extremely structured, informative and fun-filled. I have never had so much fun in any online session as yours. After postponing a lot, I finally purchased the cups and have started using them. I am planning to try these cups for three to four cycles since I have the liberty of working from home. I hope this session reaches to more women as it is the need of the hour. More power to you, Swati! Looking forward to attending your Between the Sheets session next.



It took me three attempts to wear it right but am really happy I started wearing them. After using the menstrual cups, I am so liberated physically as well as mentally that the feeling cannot be expressed in words. This cup seems to be heaven-sent and is definitely the most positive thing that has happened to me in the pandemic! I am on medication and thanks to side effects, I always dreaded wearing sanitary napkins during my periods thanks to rashes caused by these medicines. I had also started wearing pure cotton while wearing sanitary napkins to avoid itching, yet I did continue getting them. I recommend it to all women and they will never revert to wearing pads ever again after this! Thank you so much for the amazing session.



Hi there, I am a successful cupvert. Thanks to your session, I tried wearing the cup and after a year of trial and errors, I learned the art of inserting the cup and removing. I still make mistakes while doing but I am extremely happy that I can confidently wear the cup now. I do not know the link between using menstrual cups and cramps, but I do not have cramps anymore. It has magically vanished. I do not get any pain during periods unlike earlier. Cups are super comfortable! Thanks again for introducing me to cups.



It took 14 years and your session for me to be freed from using sanitary napkins. I am successfully using cups and enjoying them to the hilt. After the session, I managed to wear the cup in the first attempt. I had struggled with changing my pads frequently over so many years, constantly looking out for stains on my panties and clothes. I barely even had time to enjoy time with my one-year-old son. Today, five months after attending your session, I am now crawling with my son in my terrace garden, happily preparing food and enjoying watching his BLW meals too. Thanks to your session, I learned how to independently manage my chores too. The most incredible part is where my 50-year-old mom had gleaming eyes and hugged me when she saw me free of all the pain and hassles, I had during my periods all these years. She wished that she also had cups during her time.



I have been cupverted thanks to you and your session four months ago. The first two months were complete trial and error for me, looking for the perfect size and fold. I hate wearing my panties and now thanks to the menstrual cup, I needn’t wear one either during my periods! Thanks a ton for converting me from being a sanitary pad user to a cupvert.



I am a new user of menstrual cups. After watching 30 videos on YouTube on menstrual cups, I was thoroughly confused about how to use them. But after attending your session, I was much clearer. Your session was highly informative, fun filled and humorous. I really wish I had known about you earlier. I recently started following your account on Instagram too and found it to be extremely informative for everyone – age and gender no bar.



Hi Swati, your two-day session on “Between the Sheets” was great. You busted a big myth for me – only men dominate during sex and a woman doesn’t have any role to play. It was wonderful to learn that a woman is equally important during sex, how she must know about her body’s responses and have an understanding about how the body works during sex. I always had this idea that having sex is all about making love with romance but this session provided me with deeper insight on the importance of sexual health and its values that people hardly communicate or prefer to talk about. People usually talk about the physical and mental aspects of a human body alone but you explained all this in an extremely patient manner with your subtle sense of humour. Kudos to womanhood!



I am extremely happy that I attended your session, akka! I am unmarried and this session has geared me up to 50 per cent to get married. Your session was extremely informative and busted a lot of myths about marriage for me – it works differently for each individual and it isn’t a fairy tale as has been passed to from one generation to the next. This has made me a different individual , who now wants to read and know more understanding my body & sexuality.



Hi Swati, your session was such an eye-opener and all that you spoke in the session definitely helped us. I am married and enjoy having sex too but I suffer from a fear of penetration during sex. Thankfully, I have an extremely loving and understanding husband! We consulted a therapist who said I am suffering from Vaginismus and referred me to a Gynaecologist who examined me and confirmed I don’t have the condition. Your session has motivated me to overcome this fear. Thank you once again!



A taboo topic beautifully explained! I strongly recommend it for the unmarried and the married women – all those wanting to take their relationship to the next level. You spoke about the importance of intimacy which is rarely spoken about in Indian homes You redefined an “ideal relationship”. The biggest takeaway from the session was that intimacy is not all about sex. My whole idea of career, growth and empowerment has changed



I recently got married to my man whom I dated for more than two years. This session was an absolute “game changer” session for me and, I say this for all women too, who must attend it. I loved the choice of topics you chose to speak in the session, especially on trauma. Being a sensitive topic, which is barely spoken about, trauma is an area that I was lacking in information on. Until this session, I wasn’t even sure if it was alright to talk about sensitive topics. This session gave me tons of courage to be myself. An important message of the growth attitude will remain life-long for me.



My first class with you and I simply enjoyed it, Swati. The concepts I heard in your session was a first for me at the age of 28. You cleared the difference between feminism and feminity for me. Your detailed view of the fine line of division and importance of establishing connections with our core was simply phenomenal. This pandemic has been a time to learn and unlearn so many things and I cannot thank it enough for giving me this wonderful opportunity.



Your session was the best engagement gift for me, Swati! You covered so many topics in the session from sexuality, institution of marriage, intimacy, commitment, masturbation, orgasm, feminine energy, mirror neurons, mental health and healing. My curiosity on these topics has increased manifold post this session, especially on mental health. You have created a passionate student in me who wants to read and learn more. I thoroughly enjoyed the session with you and my amazing women co-participants. Wishing the world has more of women like you. More love, light and power to you!



Attended Between the sheets session with Swati, I was mind blown. I was married for 6 years but had never known what an orgasm was or to even prioritise my sexual health. This session not only addressed concerns about my sexuality but also gave me clarity on healing my inner child wounds and a traumatic past. I have already started incorporating the learnings in my life and I finally trust I will heal one day.