The Real Talk

THE REAL TALK – Sex-education basics for parents of children aged 0-10


Sex Talk with children!

Possible? Practical? Won’t it be awkward?
Not at all.

I’m extremely thrilled to announce that I’m Coimbatore’s first Internationally certified sexuality health educator for parents. My job as a sex-educator is to handhold parents in this really vulnerable phase of their parenting journey on how to start awkward conversations in Indian households.

Today’s children have innumerable ways to get information, but if they don’t get them from the right sources, we can’t ascertain that the knowledge they gained is scientific & value oriented.
I believe that trustworthy source should be the parent. We know our biology teachers couldn’t do much, schools didn’t have sex-education in place & parents only said ‘you’ll get to know when you’re older’. We can really try to be a better parent, one that the child can look up to for anything related to body, relationships, safety & sexuality
When such a conversation is initiated, it would not only make the parent be the first one to know what the child is going through, but also pave way for clear, honest communication & a deeper bond. If I can guarantee that, with you and your child, which parent wouldn’t want that?

Comprehensive sexuality health education is the need of the hour as it can not only prevent body image issues, shaming, abuse, porn misuse, sexual health problems & teenage pregnancy but on the whole it can potentially put an end to rape culture, sexism, misogyny, & eventually patriarchy too.

I’m doing my part to get Maya’s generation grow into healthy, loving, trustworthy, compassionate, sexually conscious adults. 😁

My workshops are available in English, tamil and Malayalam.


Offline session- Cancelled for now, dates will be posted in April   (Sex-ed for parents) Below 18 not allowed.
Out of stock
Offline session- Cancelled for now, dates will be posted in April.   (Sex-ed for parents)
Out of stock


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