They’re smart; we need to be smarter.!

They’re smart; we need to be smarter.!

❓Why do parents not give the right explanation to children’s questions and how do kids get confused ?

😐Face is the culprit!!

👉🏼Parents need to understand that the face is very powerful tool to communicate. Just like parents can understand if our kids are getting sick or feeling bad about something through their facial expressions they too can understand if we are making something up, giving them the wrong answer or are feeling awkward about something.

The Face speaks. Really!😦

👉🏼This is a simple fact and we too could understand from our parents if they were being genuine with us or not. Go back to your childhood and think about it. When we were too tiny we might not have known but by age 4 to 5 kids can read expressions pretty well. For example you don’t have to scream and yell and bring the roof down to show you are angry about something they did. A small frown will convey the emotion very clearly.

👉🏼Just like that when your kid asks about something they saw on the TV, or in a book or about something you just spoke to your spouse they know if you are honest or not. They know!!

These expressions will reveal it- 😥🥴😦😬😰

✅An important part of Sex Ed for parents is- be honest. Give short age appropriate answers. Never lie . Never fake . If you Don’t know tell- i don’t know sweetheart. Acting like a human is important than acting like you know everything.

✅Let them know you are not perfect and all-knowing & that you need to probably read more & understand too. It’s okay to not have all answers.

👉🏼If you need more clarity you can try my workshops, else just be cautious about the way you respond to your kids. Be aware that they are smart. Just because they are Kids they are not passive beings that can’t think for themselves.!

❤️Please let’s not become like our parents and act like we are smarter than them. Let’s not repeat this cycle. 🙏

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