You showed your Vagina !

You showed your Vagina !

I had a gynaec appointment last week.

I got the appointment when Maya didn’t have school. So I had to take her. I thought I’ll make her sit outside while I get checked, but I wasn’t sure she’ll be OK with it. So I decided to prep her.

🔸Maya – where are we off to?

🔹Me – I am going to meet a friend of mine who’s a doctor.

🔸Maya – who’s that? Dentist or pediatrician? (those are the only two she’s met)

🔹Me – It’s a gynecologist. A doctor for people with uteruses and vaginas.

🔸Maya – oh there’s one for every body part?

🔹Me – ya. And some check the whole body too. Anyway, this doctor helps in delivering babies too.

🔸Maya – like a midwife?

🔹Me – yeah. But a midwife gets babies out of the vagina. This doctor can cut open the tummy and get babies out.

🔸Maya – I want my baby out of my vagina. I don’t want to cut any part of my body.

🔹Me – haha. Yeah, we’ll see baby…

We reached and it was my time to go in.

🔹Me – Can you sit out while I go get checked.?

🔸Maya – no way. I can’t sit here. I’ll come in.

🔹Me – (phew, guess it’s time to normalize this too) OK fine.

We got in and she had a small conversation with the doc, and then I had to talk to her.

🔹Me – Maya can you watch something on the phone while I talk to her and get checked?

🔸Maya – Yes sure.

We had a conversation and then went behind a curtain. She was very gentle, I was very clear about what I communicated. We didn’t hush, we were both very loud. I was done and we were on our way back. In the car –

🔸Maya – what happened behind the curtain.?

🔹Me – I told you what body parts this doc checks. What do you think happened.?

🔸Maya – (shocked)! She saw your private parts???

🔹Me – haha. Yes.

🔸Maya – But why?? Aren’t they private parts.? You’re not supposed to show them or ask anyone to show theirs.!

🔹Me – But I gave her permission. We call it consent. And both of us are adults. We know what we’re doing. So it’s ok.

🔸Maya – Oh… Then OK. But I would not show my body parts to anyone.

🔹Me – not even when you have to get checked? Or talk about your pregnancy or something?

🔹Maya – That’s when I am older Amma. I told you about it now.!

Notes – I’m very glad she refused to sit outside. Because of which we got to have this conversation. Every day can be a teaching moment. I believe we need to normalize getting all our body parts checked. I get so many people sending me msgs about how they find it difficult to talk about issues related to sex & sexual health because of the whole taboo around the subject. If we talk more about sexual body parts, people will stop feeling shy about issues that affect those parts.

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